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   Discount Marine Parts has one of the largest inventory of Scott-Atwater and McCulloch parts in the U.S. A few years back, we purchased all of the remaining factory parts from the McCulloch distributor in Arizona. We still have large quantities of most common wear parts, Gears, Pistons, Ignition, Carb Kits, Gaskets, etc. We have parts and service manuals for all models. We also have all the manuals for all brands made by Scott-Atwater and McCulloch.

   In 1956 Scott-Atwater was sold to the McCulloch Corporation. At this time McCulloch was well known for its Chain Saws and Kart Engines. The Scott-Atwater brand continued for a couple years and was shortened to Scott and later to Scott-McCulloch. In 1964 it was marketed as McCulloch.

   In the coming years McCulloch would transform the old Scott-Atwater with many new innovations and would manufacture their outboard under many different brands.

   McCulloch engineers were a head of the times. They were doing a lot of experimenting with different lower units and power heads. A special 14 hp. branded the "OX" was marketed with a heavy duty lower unit and was also available in a Diesel model. They introduce 100 to 1 oil (6 oz. to 6 Gal.) and surface gap (center fire) spark plugs. They manufactured the first 7 1/2 and 9 Hp. auto-electric motors with self-contained Nickel Cadmium batteries complete with cigarette lighter and dome lite.

   As early as 1961 they had manufactured a 125 hp. outboard model number R120 with fuel and oil injection, variable pitch prop, turbo-charger, power trim & tilt and power steering. Only the lower unit turned for steering. These were running prototypes but, were never marketed. They also made some 3 cylinder Diesel power outboards but, these didn't work out.

   In 1965 the McCulloch Corporation decided to exit the marine market and discontinue engine production. For the next few years they did continue to suppy Sears Roebuck & Company from inventory to complete their contract in 1969. They continued to sell parts and sold off balance of motor production. I believe the McCulloch outboard would have been around for much longer, if it were not for a couple facts. They should have changed the Scott-Atwater name to McCulloch shortly after they purchased it in 1956. When the marine market fell on hard times in late 60's they didn't have the name recognition they deserved.

   After McCulloch shut down engine production, a number of personel and engineers left and were hired by Chrysler Marine. You can see some of McCulloch innovations of the late 60's, that show up on some early Chrysler outboards.

   The McCulloch outboard as we know it ended with the McCulloch corporation in 1968. The 4 hp. did see some light with a new company called Aero Marine , these were re-branded left over McCulloch inventory. Shortly after sale Aero Marine went out of business.

   Hard core parts for these outboards are getting more difficult to find as time goes on. Many older outboards used common Ignition and Carburetor venders for that period. Discount Marine Parts has Ignition and Carburetor repair kits for most all of these older outboards. If we don't have what your looking for, we have many sources to locate your part. Obviously some parts are just not available. We can sometimes find it used and often we have the part made if there is enough demand. Discount Marine Parts has a large inventory of parts for most brands of American made Outboards, Inboards and Sterndrives. We also have most parts and service manuals available.

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Sold Under The Following Brands

  Brand Name     Years Sold            Sales Outlet         
Scott & Scott-McCulloch 1958 - 1963 Dealer Network
McCulloch 1964 - 1968 Dealer Network
Elgin 1959 - 1968 Sears Roebuck & Company
Firestone 1956 - 1959 Firestone Tire
Wizard 1959 - 1964 Western Auto

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