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   Muncie Gear Works Corporation was founded in Muncie, Indiana about 1910. They took over a failing, two year old business named "Muncie High Wheel Auto Parts Company. One of many, auto parts stores that sprung up in the early days of the automobile.

   The first president of Muncie Gear Works was H.L. Warner and he was later succeeded by T.W. Warner. Both men would become well know for their association with Warner Gear Division of Borg Warner and Warner Machine Products, a subsidiary of Essex International.

   The company rapidly grew over the next ten years manufacturing Clutches and Transmissions for the automobile industry. With the growing amount of time required to manage Muncie Gear, the Warner's left the company to attend to their other business interest. Dr. William A Spurgeon became the new president. He was replaced by his son Kenneth A Spurgeon in the early 1920's. He remained president until his death in 1967.

   Through the 1920's Muncie Gear Works continued to sell their transmissions to companies like International Trucks and the Ford Motor Company. By the late 20's the business climate was on the decline with changes in the automobile industry, the stock market crash in 1929 and the depression to follow.

   Unlike so many other companies of the period, Muncie Gear Works adapted and survived. Some of the product they manufactured are as follows: Transmissions for potato diggers, Automatic Coal Stokers, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, Commercial Deep freezers and more.

   Their outboard motor history and production starts in 1930. Muncie Gear Works, made motors under many brands such as Muncie, Neptune,Sea Gull, Skipper, Mighty Mite and also Sea King brand for Montgomery Wards, as well as the Motorgo and Waterwitch brands for Sears Roebuck and Company.

   Business continued to grow over the next ten years, but their outboard motor line took a back seat when World War II broke out. During the war they manufactured 37mm gun carriages, aircraft parts, rocket parts and a outboard drive for barges that would be the for-runner of the inboard/outboard of today.

   Their outboard motor production was on the rise when the Korean War broke out and again the outboard took a back seat. Rocket motor manufacturing became their primary product. After the Korean conflict, the outboard line was never really able to regain its momentum. Production was cut back further and in 1956 the outboard, heat pump and air conditioning production were moved to Cordele, Georgia

   Employment grew again through the late sixties, with Muncie Gear being a major supplier of rocket parts to the Army, for the Viet Nam conflict. In June of 1969 Muncie Gear Works was purchased by Applied Devices Corp of College Point, New York.

   In 1970 the outboard motor business was moved back to Muncie, Indiana. Although it was never made operational. A former employee of "Muncie Gear Works", E Ray Abrams purchased outboard assets and moved operation to Lehigh Acres, Florida. There he manufactured and sold the Mighty Mite outboard under his Termar Corporation.

   Mr. Abrams sold the outboard motor operation in 1974, to a Mr. W.J. Hathai of the Emery Advertising Corporation located in Towson, Maryland. The plant remained in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

   Have not located the final resting place for the Mighty Mite outboard, but we are still researching.

   Hard core parts for some of these outboards are getting more difficult to find as time goes on. Many older outboards used common Ignition and Carburetor venders for that period. Discount Marine Parts has Ignition and Carburetor repair kits for most all of these older outboards. If we don't have what your looking for, we have many sources to locate your part. Obviously some parts are just not available. We can sometimes find it used and often we have the part made if there is enough demand. Discount Marine Parts has a large inventory of parts for most brands of American made Outboards, Inboards and Sterndrives. We also have most parts and service manuals available.

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Sold Under The Following Private Brands

  Brand Name     Years Sold            Sales Outlet         
Motorgo 1932 Sears Roebuck and Company
Waterwitch 1933 - 1936 Sears Roebuck and Company
Sea Gull  (Muncie) 1930 - 1941 National Outboard Motor Co.
Sea King 19?? - 19?? Montgomery Wards
Skipper  (Muncie) 194? - 195? Other Outlets?

Neptune   Model Year Guide

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