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This website was developed for the purpose of providing free reference information on American made outboard motors and carburetors for Marine & Small Engines. Although, not 100% complete, you will probably find information on your carburetor and outboard motor. We add information on a daily basis as we research model numbers and applications.

Our focus in the past has been on mostly marine products. We have always had small engine carburetor parts and kits, but we really never pursued that market. That has changed; we are now developing carburetor kits for all makes and models of small engines. We will be offering carb kits for Tillotson, Walbro, Zama and others used on various pieces of equipment.

When possible we use all original equipment parts with the exception of the extra gaskets which vary depending on brand and application. We try and include flange, intake and any other parts that may be required when rebuilding carburetor. Most carb manufacturers only provide kits for their carburetor. The other gaskets were provided by the product manufacturer, Homelite, Stihl, McCulloch etc.

We ran in to a minor problem when we start selling carb kits on Ebay for the many different makes and models. Our kits have been very popular because they are more complete than most kits. The problem was, customers started asking for parts other than carburetor parts. Because of the hundreds of brands on the market, if would not be practical to try and stock and provide these other unique parts.

Our solution was to research and find honest dealers that have a passion for the brand that they represent. They may or may not be dealers in a conventional sense, but have knowledge and a very good inventory of new and used parts for their product brand. As we all know, new parts are not always available to keep some of the older product running.

With their permission, we are in the process of adding these dealers as a source for the hard core parts that we can not provide. Please click on Link below to see our current list of brands we have located.

We Specialize in Carburetor Kits

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