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   Discount Marine Parts has a large inventory of carburetor parts for most brands of American Marine Engines, current and obsolete.

   We will be adding carburetor history and other useful information about your Carter carburetor as soon as possible.

                          Carter Carburetor Part Numbering System

   The Carter Carburetor numbering system was unique. Starting back in the 20's, it appears they started numbering their Carburetors in numerical order as they were engineered irregardless of the type. Didn't seem to matter whether it was a model "N", "UT", "WE" or "WO". Further more they mixed "Oil Presser Switches", "Fuel Filters", "Fuel Pumps" and "Pusher Pumps" in this numbering system.

   Carburetor casting numbers were on "Face of Flange"

   This Carburetor numbering system started from "1 to 999" and then jumped to "2000 and UP". The range of numbers from "1000 to 1999" were skipped and used for Repair Kits. In the late 30's they also used an Alpha-Numeric numbering system for Carburetors. We will list these Carburetors at a later date.

   Their parts numbering system used a number prefix followed by a "-". The prefix indicated the type of part. Example: 75-1266, "75" Prefix were used for Metering Rods.

   We have listed the Carburetors in numerical order and placed the model type after the number in parentheses. Example: WO-2199S  is  2199S (WO) or N-744S  is  744S (N). These numbers were normally stamped on carburetor Flange. The following are prefix letters of non-Carburetors mentioned above (A) = Oil Presser Switch (F) = Fuel Filter (P) = Pusher Pump (M) = Mechanical Fuel Pump.

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